Post Fracture Rehabilitation

The healing of the actual fracture / broken bone itself is only part of the overall healing process.  When a bone has been broken surrounding tissues and structures are often damaged, and the immobilisation (e.g. plaster casts) involved in treatment usually leads to atrophy (decline in size) of surrounding muscles and a loss of flexibility.

Our Physiotherapists can help you achieve a full and complete recovery, as soon as possible.  Typical rehabilitation goals:

  • Strengthen muscles
  • Regain flexibility
  • Re-establishing normal movement patterns
  • Avoid secondary issues/conditions
  • Progressive return to normal activities

Ask your Orthorpaedic surgeon or a GP when it is appropriate to commence Physiotherapy. No referral is required, but we do encourage you to tell your doctor/surgeon that you would like to return to Penergy Physiotherapy for your post-operative care. Physiotherapy should usually commence as soon as it is appropriate so that loss of strength and flexibility can be minimised, and your recovery more swift.