Clinical Pilates

Small classes

Individualised attention is ensured by small class sizes (maximum of 6 participants).


Our Physios will ensure you perform the right exercises with correct technique, for your maximum benefit and safety.


Our classes are mat-based, utilising varied range of equipment including Swiss balls, rollers, magic circles and therabands. Mats provided.


Experience the convenience of lunchtime and early evening Group Classes.  Join an existing group, enjoy a 1:1 class, or form your own duo or trio.


Individual pre-class Physiotherapy assessment allows us to thoroughly
assess your condition and ensure the exercises will maximise your goals
and needs. We teach you the basics of core stability retraining to
ensure you will gain the most benefit from your classes. Pre-assessments can easily be combined into your Physiotherapy sessions.


Class fees are generally wholly or partly rebateable under private health insurance extras.


Please contact us directly (by phone or email) with class enquiries.